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The objective of this townhall session is to update members of Board of Geologists Malaysia (BOG) on the many initiatives carried out by the Board and getting feedback on roles of the Board in relation to Professional  Organisation (Institute of Geology Malaysia) as well as Learned Organisation (Geological Society of Malaysia).


Fill out information on this form and please submit before 9th December 2019.
Subject availability : open only for 60 pax (first come first serve)

Fee: FOC



1400 – 1430 Registration of Participants
1430 – 1445 Opening Speech by Dato’ Yunus Abdul Razak, Chairman, Board of Geologists Malaysia
1445 – 1500 Introduction to BOG’s Professional Code of Conduct by Seet Chin Peng, Chairman, Subcommittee on 
Legal, Ethics and Discipline, BOG (JPED)
1500 – 1515 Registration as Professional Geologist: Requirements and Issues by Kamal Daril, Chairman,
Subcommittee on Financial and Corporate Affairs BOG (JHKK)
1515 – 1530 Draft Guideline on Continuous Professional Development by Datuk Mior Sallehhuddin Mior Jadid,
Chairman, Subcommittee on Professional Assessment and Development (JPPP)
1530 – 1545 Professional Development in Geoscience by Dato’ Zakaria Mohamad, Chairman, Subcommittee on 
Promotion, BOG (JPG) & President, Institute of Geology Malaysia
1545 – 1615 Coffee Break
1615 – 1715 Townhall Session & Forum on Way Forward for Professional Geologists (Moderator: Dato’ Zakaria 
1715 – 1730 Recap and Concluding Remarks by Dato’ Zakaria Mohamad, President of Institute of Geology 
1730 -  End of event


Geologists Act 2008 (Act 689) is now into it sixth years after being officially regulated after the formation of Board of Geologists Malaysia (BOG) in 2014. The Board was established in November 2014. The Board’s main mandate is for the registration of geologists, the regulations of geological practice and for related matters. As members of  Board of Geologists who are paying annual fee without fail, some of you may start questioning what is BOG doing for the past five or six years other than collecting the fee? This townhall session will try to understand the issues and challenges face by BOG as well initiatives have been carried out by BOG. This session will also try to find the gaps and needs of geoscience communities in Malaysia. Some issues were discussed during recent Focus Group  Discussion (FGD) by Malaysian Geoscience Services and Consultancy Committee (MGSCC) can be use as points to ponder! Issues such as registration with Ministry of Finance (MOF) for geoscience consultants, schedule of fees, technical specifications, guidelines, competency, professionalism, ethics, sub-standards products, category of  company (consultant, service provider or contractor?), unfair competitions from moonlighting university lecturers  and freelancing professional geologists (without commercial set up), unfair competition from international  companies, recognition by other professionals or government agencies, etc. need to be discussed and addressed  immediately and professionally.

Inputs from all geoscientists are essential! Please join this event for your future and the future of geoscience practice and industry!!

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